How To Choose the Ideal Glass Windows for Each Room of Your Home

Windows are regarded as one of a home’s most significant and remarkable components. They provide ventilation, give access to beautiful outdoor views, let in fresh air, natural light and so much more. Seeing as they serve an important practical and aesthetic function, you’ve got to get them right when remodelling or building a new home. So what kind of window suits which room? Continue reading to find out:

Selecting the Ideal Glass Windows for Each Room of a Home

Before we look at how to select the right glass windows for each room in your home, here are the different types of window options available. The list, of course, is much more expansive, all designs considered, but these generally cover the main types:

  • Sliding Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Louvre windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double Sliding Windows
  • Awning windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Bi-fold windows
  • Fixed windows

4 Key Things To Consider When Choosing Glass Windows For Your Home

1). Purpose of The Room in Question

Different rooms have different functions, which is why different rooms have different types and sizes of windows. A living room may have large sliding windows to let in natural light and open views of the landscape, while a study may have office-like louvre windows to minimise distraction.

Large rooms like lounges and dining areas also serve as a great opportunity to have mix-and-match types of windows or big-picture windows because they are social spaces. Large windows foster interaction by creating a nice ambience. On the other hand, when it comes to the kitchen, you want a window that will enhance ventilation while bringing in light and still being practical. In such a case, casement windows or sliding windows would be ideal. They are easy to open and are a great option above a kitchen sink.

2). Width-to-Height Ratio of The Room

Besides the purpose of the room in question, the size of the room matters. More specifically, the width-to-height ratio of the room. A wider room with a high ceiling requires broad, tall windows to match the aesthetic. A narrow room with a high ceiling would need double-hung windows which are usually taller, while a broader room with a short ceiling would look better with sliding windows which are wider.

3). Natural Light

How well-lit is that room in your home? If it’s poorly lit, consider larger windows to reduce overreliance on daytime lighting by letting natural light in. In this case, a large window would be ideal, or you could even go for a complete glass sliding door to maximize your room’s natural light. This can make a space eco-friendly, aesthetically beautiful and practical.

4). Privacy

All rooms in your home have various functions, and the windows should support those purposes. That said, consider the amount of privacy you want in a room before choosing the windows. Bathrooms should feature narrow windows above head height, with frosted and translucent glass.

As for bedrooms, make sure you have windows placed far enough to block out views. Besides that, you can consider narrow horizontal windows to avoid closing the blinds every time you are changing your clothes.

Get it Right With A Window Expert

Choosing the right glass windows for your home can be an intricate process. Besides type, you still have to consider the dazzling array of accessories, materials, and styles available. As such, we advise that you talk to an expert to get it right the first time. Talk to us today!

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